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Photo by James Bishop

“The average person has a hard job. This is what I mean by that. I go out to speak at groups all the time, and I ask them, ‘When you think of homelessness, what images come to mind?’ And I always hear dirty, drug-addicted, smelly and cardboard signs…all those kinds of phrases. And they’re right. They are kind of dirty, kind of smelly, and they do hold cardboard signs. And then we call them a human being. Right? The homeless person. Why can’t we just admit that whenever we think of homelessness, those are the images that come through our minds?


Zachary outside YFC Hillyard

“I’m always a depressed guy. But, I don’t know, when I help people it affects me a lot because I don’t want to be the bad guy, I want to be, basically, the hero and to help people…I read too many comic books and stuff like that but, it made me feel like the hero just helping people out, and it affected me a lot. It made me not be depressed.” – Zachary Light on serving at UGM Camp

Abigail sitting in road

“Nature helps me to remember the simple things, while trying to find peace amidst life’s chaos. It gives me a better perspective on Christ’s heart and it helps me to seek His face.

“I daydream about what I could do, and who I could be in order to help those around me. I dream about being a mother and raising my children… Loving on them, praying for them and helping them to understand every day the deep love that Jesus has for them.” – Abigail, Spokane

Photo by Clare Pursch