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Photo by Jessica Morgan

“I grew up in the hood, but I wasn’t allowed to be a hoodlum. Those were my people, my friends. I hung with them. I can still hang with them, but I can also hang with white farmers in Reardan… I want you to look at me as a man, but my skin is brown. You can say you don’t see color, but you can’t really see me if you don’t see my skin. The color of my skin has shaped who I am.” – Danny, Spokane

Danny and some of his coworkers were featured in a blog post by UGM for Black History Month: http://bit.ly/2vyk5Yf

Photo by Jessica Morgan

“I call our ‘hand business,’ TeachLove. It is what I believe in to the core! Big people and little people need to know they are loved and we need to teach this! My main mediums to share are through our hand crafts of upcycled wool and fur and naturalness. I enjoy making dolls and sharing song and music! I plant food for folks and wildcraft, spending most of my time in nature and love the pace of the ‘real life.’

Photographer shares photo with subject being photographed
Photo by Barbara Comito

Hi friends! You might have noticed we’ve been off the radar for a while now. We wanted to reassess our efforts behind INW People and its value.

In case you don’t know who runs this site, we’re the in-house marketing team for Union Gospel Mission (Hello!). Our job outside of this space is to help people experiencing homelessness in our community and inspire others to do the same. Through our work we meet a lot of incredible people from all walks of life and creating INW People made sense to us for a couple reasons: 1) It’s a place to collect and share some of our favorite portraits and quotes from those we encounter. 2) It’s a way to bridge our regional, social and economic boundaries. In addition, we want to invite others to share portraits and stories of their neighbors too!


Caleb and Randy at HRC

3/3 – “As for a father, like my dad, a lot of these girls grow up and they are fearful of older men, because that’s all they know is that men hurt them. Men just want them for sex and they’re going to pay for it. For older men to let them know what a father really is – because so many fathers have completely bailed out and have not really been good fathers – when fathers come in and love on these girls and really treat them well, treat them like the princesses that God has created them to be, you see such a transition in their life and that is worth it.” –Caleb Altmeyer, HRC Ministries

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Caleb at HRC

2/3 – “I think that for the most part, our generation, guys, have made women into sexual objects and a whatever-feels-good-do-it mentality. They’re addicted to porn, and they don’t really understand that they’re getting their flesh need met at the exploitation of women. For me personally, I have a really big desire to change that and to let men know that they are supposed to be protectors not predators. They have a call to do what’s right and not what’s easy, and bring that back into what being a man is. There are a lot of people that have forgotten that that is why God created us, to be protectors, but we’ve just become predators. It just drives me insane. I think that just letting a woman know that is not what they were created for – what happened to them was wrong, and there’s so much more to their life, that there are safe men out there, there are men that are going to care for them and help them and take good care of them – just heals a woman’s heart and heals a daughter’s heart.” –Caleb Altmeyer, HRC Ministries

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Irina selling cherries

“All this week and all last week we’ve been selling cherries. We plan on selling blueberries and apricots. I pretty much want to make money because I’m broke. I want to be able to go bowling and see movies with my friends.” – Irina, Reardan, Washington

Photo by Marshall McLean

Chelsea at the Spokane Lincoln Center“Trustworthy relationships are so crucial to success, and to have trust, you have to tell the truth! I love working for an organization that is all about trust, ethics and transparency.” – Chelsea Maguire, Better Business Bureau Northwest Development Director