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Ron volunteering at UGM donation drop-off.

“In prison you dream about being free a lot. You wake up and think it seemed so vivid, but there are the bars. I still feel like I’m dreaming. It’s been [a year] and I think I’m gonna wake up and be back in prison. I still wake up thinking I’m in my jail cell…I came [to UGM] to spread the gospel ‘cause I saw so many people saying, ‘It’s too late. Life is over, it’s worthless. I’m done.’ That’s why I’m here, to say, ‘God worked in my life.’ And I tell my story, people go, ‘Really?’ And their eyes light up, ‘So there’s hope for me, too?’ I say, ‘Yeah there’s hope for you, too.’” – Ron James, volunteer   Read Ron’s full story here.

Katherine Emmett

“The best part of nursing is absolutely getting to meet people. You really get the patient interaction and get to develop a rapport and can talk to people, and you really get to learn about them and develop a trust. I’m only here once a week, but we get to talk, and I get to develop that rapport [with the ladies] more quickly in just being here. To be able to be someone trusting that they can talk to has been really cool.” – Katherine, Volunteer in Medical Clinic at Anna Ogden Hall