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Photo by Jessica Morgan

“Due to the color of my skin, I was to keep my head low and try to be invisible…In my twenties, I really didn’t talk to people because I felt that I had little to no value to someone else.

“I pressed into the Lord, and I began to see myself as having value and importance. I also discovered that I had a voice. …

“It brings my heart joy to know that God is using me to mentor people. I don’t always have the answers, but I know someone who does – God. Each day, I get to work with and pray for those who are troubled, grieving, fatherless, motherless, homeless and oppressed. I hold them accountable, and I allow others to hold me accountable – to call out my blind spots.

“So, now, when I look in the mirror, I do not see a black man with little to no value. I see myself as God sees us all – ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’”

– Lee, UGM Director of In-Kind Services, high school football coach, mentor and former professional football player


Troy in the book aisle at UGM Thrift Store

“To one day be able to come home and know that I’m paying rent on a house, that’s my big goal in my life. I’ve already succeeded in a lot of my goals…I’ve got my driver’s license. I’m paying on my child support. I’m paying on all the financial obligations I have…So I can look in the mirror and know that that’s Troy and be proud of that.” – Troy, UGM Thrift Store

Photo by Jessica Morgan