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Photo by James Bishop

“Compassion is a spectrum, and I think it is compassionate to deal with people’s basic needs. But I think so often our compassion is an expression of our own unwillingness to take the time to actually do what will long term help somebody. If I drive by somebody panhandling on the corner, it is far easier for me to reach in and put a dollar into the hat than it is to say, ‘Would you come and have a hamburger with me down the street? I want to find out about you as a person.’ And that gives me the opportunity to actually develop a relationship…Street people are notoriously poor in terms of relationships with people outside the street population, and it’s those relationships that are probably going to move them forward into a better life in general.” – John Repsold, Mosaic Fellowship, Spokane

Photographer shares photo with subject being photographed
Photo by Barbara Comito

Hi friends! You might have noticed we’ve been off the radar for a while now. We wanted to reassess our efforts behind INW People and its value.

In case you don’t know who runs this site, we’re the in-house marketing team for Union Gospel Mission (Hello!). Our job outside of this space is to help people experiencing homelessness in our community and inspire others to do the same. Through our work we meet a lot of incredible people from all walks of life and creating INW People made sense to us for a couple reasons: 1) It’s a place to collect and share some of our favorite portraits and quotes from those we encounter. 2) It’s a way to bridge our regional, social and economic boundaries. In addition, we want to invite others to share portraits and stories of their neighbors too!


Brent at restaurant with mentor

“I was not in a healthy enough place – particularly emotionally – to even know what I was feeling, much less share that. I was damaged in a way that I would not admit, and I did not have any skill or experience in even knowing what it was like to be angry, knowing what it was like to be fearful…I could do all these wonderful things with computers, but that particular skill of identifying how I felt and letting it go is something I had never done in my life.

“It is a need that I believe God built into us. We are made to connect with Him and with others. I cannot be a healthy person. I cannot follow what God wants me to do, how he made me, without those relationships.”  – Brent, UGM Men’s Recovery participant (pictured on the right with his mentor, Shane, on left)