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Michelle with children

“Sometimes you feel like you fail as a parent, because my kids have had to know what homeless is, they’ve had to know what it’s like not to have food accessible. But the one thing they are blessed with, is they know empathy and they know compassion, and they know how to be resourceful.” – Michelle, Spokane


This week we’re featuring local individuals from the upcoming documentary “A Walk Through Poverty” created by Rogue Heart Media, Inc. in partnership with Spokane’s SNAP and John J. Hemmingson Philanthropy. You’re invited to the premiere public screening this Saturday at Gonzaga. See event details here.

Justin in Corbin Park

“When I was younger, I grew up with this belief that I would do great things and do really important work, and although I think I have gotten to do some of that, I realize now that what’s really important in life is having a sense of belonging. Yesterday I was pushing my daughter on the swings – just me and her –and I realized in that moment, that in her mind, I was the most important person in the world. To me, that sense of belonging is more important than anything that we can accomplish through our talent or achievement.” – Justin, Spokane

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Brittany playing with her kids

“What I love most about being a mom is being present for my children. I get to pour into them daily and watch them experience the world with their childlike wonder!” – Brittany Sateren, Spokane

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Starla with her son

“I’m amazed every day by what God’s doing. He’s healing me, and because I’m getting better, my son is getting better.” – Starla, graduate of Union Gospel Mission’s LIFE Recovery in Coeur d’Alene


“I’m learning He meets me in every storm. I never knew I had worth.  I never knew I had value.  I never knew I had so much potential, and I believe that’s a gift God gave me.

…I want to model for my daughter what a woman of integrity is and show her that dependence on God is absolutely necessary.

…Before coming here I would wake up feeling like I was just waiting to die.  I don’t feel that way anymore.  I want people to know this place saves lives, reunites families and creates God-dependent, beautiful women.” – Rowan, Center for Women & Children resident