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Tori leaning against brick building“My sister who passed, she always had a saying and she had it tattooed on her arm, and after she passed, a lot of people here got that tattoo. It’s just, ‘Make memories and always wear your smile’ was her thing. She faced a lot of illness, so she always made a point to make memories and smile… We didn’t expect it, it was a brain aneurism, anyhow, she got a settlement for a surgery and she wanted to treat me and my mom and her friends, so we went to Vegas, we went to concerts, we did all this stuff, ironically right before she passed. So we made a lot of memories, and she was always talking about memories and to smile because with the surgery, they didn’t know she’d talk, smile, eat, any of that, but she pulled through and she was able to, so she smiled all the time.” – Tori, Spokane

Photo: Jessica Morgan