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Photo by Jessica Morgan

“In August 2018 a dear friend finally found the freedom she had been seeking in the bottle, dying from alcoholism.  Jill loved God and was one of the most spirit-filled people I have ever been around, when she was sober. I would wake up to messages of hope and encouragement, scriptures and praise on my phone.

“But over a two-year period, I knew that there would be many weeks where Jill would disappear back into her addiction. Jill always felt she had another drunk left in her, convinced it would be followed by another successful recovery.

Photographer shares photo with subject being photographed
Photo by Barbara Comito

Hi friends! You might have noticed we’ve been off the radar for a while now. We wanted to reassess our efforts behind INW People and its value.

In case you don’t know who runs this site, we’re the in-house marketing team for Union Gospel Mission (Hello!). Our job outside of this space is to help people experiencing homelessness in our community and inspire others to do the same. Through our work we meet a lot of incredible people from all walks of life and creating INW People made sense to us for a couple reasons: 1) It’s a place to collect and share some of our favorite portraits and quotes from those we encounter. 2) It’s a way to bridge our regional, social and economic boundaries. In addition, we want to invite others to share portraits and stories of their neighbors too!


Aiden profile, wearing hat

“I think it’s really good for people who have resources, both cash assets and social network – particularly social network – to understand that for a lot of people there isn’t that resource. Like, there isn’t even a social network, to trust that the information you are receiving about a bus, or whatever, is accurate or that if you reveal that you are vulnerable that you won’t get hurt.” – Aiden, Spokane


This week we’re featuring local individuals from the upcoming documentary “A Walk Through Poverty” created by Rogue Heart Media, Inc. in partnership with Spokane’s SNAP and John J. Hemmingson Philanthropy. You’re invited to the premiere public screening this Saturday at Gonzaga. See event details here.

Shirley and friend Ann laughing

“For us to keep our joy, we have to – what I call – ‘get goofy.’ We have to have time out and just laugh.” – Shirley, Coeur d’Alene

Photo by Jessica Morgan