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Brenda at coffee shop

“Just yesterday, I had this cranky old man, super cranky, I mean, he threw the lid off his drink and he was just throwing a fit. And I was like, for some reason what came into my mind was kill him with kindness, kill him with kindness. And I said, ‘Okay, so do you not want a lid on your coffee either?’ And he was like, ‘Just give it to me however it comes.’ So, I lidded it, and I gave it to him. And it was for his wife; he’s like, ‘Do I need straws with this?’ I stopped what I was doing, and I came out around and I stood beside him, and I said, ‘Well, personally, I don’t use straws for vanity purposes because it gives me little wrinkles above my lips. So it really depends on the person.’ And then he started laughing…I knew at that point that I had changed his day, that I had made him smile, and it felt really good.” – Brenda, barista at The Gathering House