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JD by stove in restaurant“The best meal I have ever eaten was at Joel Robuchon. My wife and I went while we were in Las Vegas. It was a meal that just stuck on my palate and my mind. The flavors of each dish and the dining experience were so phenomenal I couldn’t stop smiling, and I can’t wait to go back again.

“I got into the restaurant business to bring joy to people by serving them my food. To see people’s faces become happy with a certain comfort after they take their first bites. Owning my own restaurant has given me the chance to meet all kinds of people, as well as creating an avenue for my wife Jill and I to give back to the community.” – J.D. Leonetti, chef owner, Prohibition Gastropub

Jan with a car full of food donations

“My passion for this ministry is never changing.  It is to follow the will of God and to ignite the fire of His love to all people!  To feed their mind, body and, souls.  To heal their brokenness with compassion, and understanding.  My friend Linda Ontiveros who loved the Lord, but lost her battle said,  ‘The reason we are so methed up is because we are so messed up with no hope!.’  She wanted The Roadside Chapel to be a reality to get kids off the streets!

We were just honored with the Keller Williams Red Day Award and they are going to make Linda’s vision a reality for Off Broadway Family Outreach, and all who want join us in using the building for His Glory!” – Jan of Off Broadway Family Outreach

Dycelia on Main Ave. downtown Spokane“After 12 years of being in Spokane, I realized I didn’t know anything about the city or the community. Now, I am interested in learning more and giving myself back to the community…Everyone is benefitting from the community, so how much better would it be if we all got involved?” – Dycelia Weiss, Weiss Financial Consulting

Bobby outside Indaba

“Spokane’s in a position where a young entrepreneur like myself, who has a lot of energy and passion and ideas, can embed himself in a community that will support him and his ideas and it’s allowed me to start a small little coffee business that’s grown into two little coffee businesses and really into a movement of people who are passionate about great coffee but also great community and giving back to the community and being connected to the community. To me, that’s why I love coffee and coffee shops because it’s a place where people rub shoulders and bump into each other and engage each other in community and relationship. It has been fun to have a little coffee shop business in a neighborhood that I live in because I’m able to serve my neighbors literally every day through my business. So that’s a lot of fun. Spokane’s a great place to live, work and play. ” – Bobby Enslow, owner,  Indaba Coffee

Derrick, founder of Spokane Doesn't Suck

“Spokane Doesn’t Suck was born out of a love for Spokane, paired with being tired of all the anti-Spokane rhetoric that exists in the region. Spokane is a great city that is getting better all the time. The motto “Near Nature, Near Perfect”, while a little cheesy, is entirely true. The community here is a thing of beauty, as evidenced by how people helped each other out during the Great Windstorm of 2015. There are so many individuals and groups in town that are doing things to improve the quality of life in Spokane. It’s a very exciting time to call Spokane home.” – Derrick Oliver, founder of Spokane Doesn’t Suck

[photo by Derek Schave of 1.618 Films]