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Nora laughing with coffee

“We like to go to coffee shops and make art and laugh.” – Nora, Spokane

Photo: Izzy Comito

Brenda at coffee shop

“Just yesterday, I had this cranky old man, super cranky, I mean, he threw the lid off his drink and he was just throwing a fit. And I was like, for some reason what came into my mind was kill him with kindness, kill him with kindness. And I said, ‘Okay, so do you not want a lid on your coffee either?’ And he was like, ‘Just give it to me however it comes.’ So, I lidded it, and I gave it to him. And it was for his wife; he’s like, ‘Do I need straws with this?’ I stopped what I was doing, and I came out around and I stood beside him, and I said, ‘Well, personally, I don’t use straws for vanity purposes because it gives me little wrinkles above my lips. So it really depends on the person.’ And then he started laughing…I knew at that point that I had changed his day, that I had made him smile, and it felt really good.” – Brenda, barista at The Gathering House

Mike with coffee in Boots Bakery

“Most of us, including myself, have negativity mastered. Have you noticed that there are no books titled, ‘How to Be Negative’? Trust me, I could take the easy way out and share negative posts on social media. I have to remind myself constantly to be positive. That’s one of the main reasons I share positive thoughts on social media. I’m usually preaching to myself.” – Mike Ellis, Social Media Strategist, Spokane

Bobby outside Indaba

“Spokane’s in a position where a young entrepreneur like myself, who has a lot of energy and passion and ideas, can embed himself in a community that will support him and his ideas and it’s allowed me to start a small little coffee business that’s grown into two little coffee businesses and really into a movement of people who are passionate about great coffee but also great community and giving back to the community and being connected to the community. To me, that’s why I love coffee and coffee shops because it’s a place where people rub shoulders and bump into each other and engage each other in community and relationship. It has been fun to have a little coffee shop business in a neighborhood that I live in because I’m able to serve my neighbors literally every day through my business. So that’s a lot of fun. Spokane’s a great place to live, work and play. ” – Bobby Enslow, owner,  Indaba Coffee

Mackie in Boots Bakery

“Working in a coffee shop always keeps me on my toes. I like the exciting, entertaining and eclectic people who come in that I get to meet every day.” – Mackie, Boots Bakery & Lounge, Spokane