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Brian detailing an SUV

“I look at the car before and after, and my eyes light up, and I say, ‘Wow! I did that!’ The ones that I really like doing are the ones that give me the test. Oh, that carpeting, I can get it. And the skills that I learned are helping others, and that’s what I want to do.” – Brian Watson, UGM Motors

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Sonja standing in UGM Motors car lot

“When people come in and bring a car for donation, I didn’t realize when I was over at Anna Ogden Hall just what that donation really means. When I was going through recovery, I had no idea who was paying my way…so I’m able to show them gratitude and just what their donation means by sharing a little bit of my story.

“…I know that I’m capable of a lot of things now, and I am built up here. I’m told what a good job I’m doing…it’s really uplifting. I have more confidence. I’m really being invested in and that makes me feel worth something.” – Sonja, UGM Motors employee and Women’s Recovery graduate