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Nathan standing between book shelves
“I’ve always been a reader, always been a book collector, starting when I was a real little kid, saving my allowance, going to yard sales,always been attracted to older, secondhand stuff, too…Being kind of a misfit kid in Spokane in the 70s and the 80s, books were better friends than a lot of people. Having had that kind of experience with books, I wanted to provide it for other people.” – Nathan, owner, Giant Nerd Books

Julie talking with customer in shoe store

“I try to just encourage people not to worry that they might fail or can’t do it, but to have courage and take that next step. Whether that be in a relationship, friendships, or something physically you didn’t think you could do, or a job.

“Life ebbs and flows. We can be hurt or worn down, or be guarded and have walls up. But…who knows what God has in store for you if you’re willing to take that next step?” – Julie, co-owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Spokane

Photo: Marshall McLean

Bob at DAA Northwest

“I strongly believe that business done right is a good thing. Business done wrong can be a bad thing, but influence that isn’t abused and revenues that are redistributed properly… Business is part of the 21st century model for ministry.” – Bob McConkey, owner of DAA Northwest and McConkey Auction Group

Photo: James Bishop

Dycelia on Main Ave. downtown Spokane“After 12 years of being in Spokane, I realized I didn’t know anything about the city or the community. Now, I am interested in learning more and giving myself back to the community…Everyone is benefitting from the community, so how much better would it be if we all got involved?” – Dycelia Weiss, Weiss Financial Consulting

Chelsea at the Spokane Lincoln Center“Trustworthy relationships are so crucial to success, and to have trust, you have to tell the truth! I love working for an organization that is all about trust, ethics and transparency.” – Chelsea Maguire, Better Business Bureau Northwest Development Director