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Julie talking with customer in shoe store

“I try to just encourage people not to worry that they might fail or can’t do it, but to have courage and take that next step. Whether that be in a relationship, friendships, or something physically you didn’t think you could do, or a job.

“Life ebbs and flows. We can be hurt or worn down, or be guarded and have walls up. But…who knows what God has in store for you if you’re willing to take that next step?” – Julie, co-owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Spokane

Photo: Marshall McLean

Stephanie in Riverfront Park

3/3 – “I owned a specialty retail sporting goods store in Palm Springs, and it was called Swim, Bike, Run, and it was for athletes of all abilities. On the surface, you could say I sold shoes and clothing and stuff. I feel like what I did more than anything was make a difference in people’s lives to show them that they were an athlete. I had so many customers who said, ‘I could never do that,’ and they not only did it, but did way more than they ever thought they could.” –Stephanie, Montana

Photo by Jessica Morgan