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Photo by Jessica Morgan

“Spokane is what people make of it. I want to influence my environment. I want to be the influence, not be influenced by it. So, it is what I make of it. Could it get better? Of course it could, but that depends on each person.”


Anthony in book store

“In a lot of big cities, it’s really hard to make a group of supportive friends who are really talented at a certain art, but here in Spokane, I found that the poetry – spoken word poetry – scene was very quick to embrace a singer/songwriter. When I watched how they delivered their poems with such clarity and honesty and passion…not writing things to be popular or well liked but writing things from their heart and just like burning when they recited them… it’s like falling in love. So, yeah, that happened here in Spokane when I was like 18, so I soaked up as much of that as I could and took it to the big city” – Anthony, Spokane

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Nora laughing with coffee

“We like to go to coffee shops and make art and laugh.” – Nora, Spokane

Photo: Izzy Comito