Katherine Emmett

“The best part of nursing is absolutely getting to meet people. You really get the patient interaction and get to develop a rapport and can talk to people, and you really get to learn about them and develop a trust. I’m only here once a week, but we get to talk, and I get to develop that rapport [with the ladies] more quickly in just being here. To be able to be someone trusting that they can talk to has been really cool.” – Katherine, Volunteer in Medical Clinic at Anna Ogden Hall


“I decided I wanted to quit drinking, and a friend of mine told me about this program…I haven’t touched a drop since I’ve been up here, and I’m just trying to do everything I can to get back on my feet and change my surroundings and my life.” – Dale, Men’s Shelter resident



“I’m learning He meets me in every storm. I never knew I had worth.  I never knew I had value.  I never knew I had so much potential, and I believe that’s a gift God gave me.

…I want to model for my daughter what a woman of integrity is and show her that dependence on God is absolutely necessary.

…Before coming here I would wake up feeling like I was just waiting to die.  I don’t feel that way anymore.  I want people to know this place saves lives, reunites families and creates God-dependent, beautiful women.” – Rowan, Center for Women & Children resident


“I wasn’t happy with myself…So I tried to fill that void with drugs. Drugs were just a symptom. When you’re using drugs, it shows something [is wrong]. If this place wasn’t here, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me…I wouldn’t be who I am today. It brings you to another level in life, one that you don’t even know exists.” – Amanda, Center for Women & Children resident

“Freedom to me means freedom in Christ. Freedom from the bondage my childhood has set on me, the way I grew up. Freedom from what really went on in my family and how it’s affecting me today. That’s pretty freeing to me.” –Tim, Men’s Recovery


“Oh my gosh, I called every family member I knew, because change for an addict is scary. I would walk to the fence and call my papa who raised me, and I told him, ‘What should I do?’ He said, just take that step, and I took that step and here I am.” -Debbie, Crisis Shelter resident


“They said, ‘We love you. We can’t see you keep doing this. You know, you’re going to end up in the grave.’ And my wife…we’ve been married 25 years, she kept hanging on, hoping for the man she married to come back.” – Steve, Men’s Recovery


“I found a basketball under the bed. I like basketball most. My favorite thing at the Crisis Shelter is basketball.” -Hunter, Crisis Shelter resident

“I’m most thankful that I serve an awesome God who’s a wild man. Who gave us undeserved love, grace, mercy. But most importantly, He gave us His son without whom we would have no salvation.” – John, UGM Men’s Shelter


“I’d be a starving musician, but I still like to play, regardless. I’ve been playing drums since I was about six. I would take my fork and spoon at the table, and Mama would always take one of them away, cause I’d play them on the table.” -Kim, Men’s Shelter