Photo by Jessica Morgan

“In August 2018 a dear friend finally found the freedom she had been seeking in the bottle, dying from alcoholism.  Jill loved God and was one of the most spirit-filled people I have ever been around, when she was sober. I would wake up to messages of hope and encouragement, scriptures and praise on my phone.

“But over a two-year period, I knew that there would be many weeks where Jill would disappear back into her addiction. Jill always felt she had another drunk left in her, convinced it would be followed by another successful recovery.

“Jill became a part of my recovery journey, reminding me that we are dealing with a cunning, baffling and powerful disease that kills a lot of people. Addiction is not a respecter of economic status, color, age, sex or religion.  It is an equal-opportunity destroyer, and for some of us we will have to be forever vigilant.  You can’t make sense or bargain with addiction.” – Mike, Aftercare Manager at Union Gospel Mission, Spokane

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