Robert wears his famous hot dog hat next to his stand, Spokane Dogs.
Photo by Jessica Morgan

“I’ve been here on this corner for seven years. I’ve been in Spokane for 41 years. I raised my family here. My grandchildren are here now. I will never leave Spokane. It is safe. It is relatively clean. It has plenty to do. I flat out love it. And I have been in most parts of the United States and this is the one I’m going to stay in.

“When I see a beautiful, touristy event day with literally hundreds of people – tourists – wandering around downtown, I don’t want them to get a bad impression of Spokane. I don’t want them to be accosted by a panhandler. I don’t want them to have to visualize garbage. It’s bad for the town of Spokane…

“The last numbers I heard, tourism is 55% of the Spokane economy. If you damage tourism, you can literally cripple this area.” – Robert Hetnar, Spokane Dogs