Photo by Jessica Morgan

“I call our ‘hand business,’ TeachLove. It is what I believe in to the core! Big people and little people need to know they are loved and we need to teach this! My main mediums to share are through our hand crafts of upcycled wool and fur and naturalness. I enjoy making dolls and sharing song and music! I plant food for folks and wildcraft, spending most of my time in nature and love the pace of the ‘real life.’

“The barter faire is a great expression of collective folks that get to come together in a more village life, and I believe all people are searching for this village of acceptance and shared collective stories. I have spent the last few years in Stevens and Ferry county, Washington. My dream includes Kenya and helping with permaculture in refugee camps and natural disaster relief situations. Always growing, always learning.” – Tiffany, Okanogan Family Faire, Tonasket, WA