From February 2018

JD by stove in restaurant“The best meal I have ever eaten was at Joel Robuchon. My wife and I went while we were in Las Vegas. It was a meal that just stuck on my palate and my mind. The flavors of each dish and the dining experience were so phenomenal I couldn’t stop smiling, and I can’t wait to go back again.

“I got into the restaurant business to bring joy to people by serving them my food. To see people’s faces become happy with a certain comfort after they take their first bites. Owning my own restaurant has given me the chance to meet all kinds of people, as well as creating an avenue for my wife Jill and I to give back to the community.” – J.D. Leonetti, chef owner, Prohibition Gastropub

Joe in the Men's Shelter

“Part of my goal was to build relationships with these men, to buy into their lives, to find out what they’re battling or what they need encouraged in. How I can help them. I was looking at a lot of men who were battling depression or just being lost. No glimmer in their eye; they’re just existing. It just tore my heart.

“What I started to do was to build these relationships and allow the trust to be built, and now I’m seeing so much fruit coming out of these men. I’m seeing men come here, they’re broken, and seeing men restored back to their families. I’ve seen men be fathers and husbands again. I’ve seen men stay clean and sober. I’m seeing God work powerfully.” – Joe, Union Gospel Mission, Spokane

Photo by Marshall McLean