From July 2017

“I believe in the importance of fun in learning. While working with refugees in our area through World Relief and the Institute for Extended Learning, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some of our strong, determined neighbors. Although they call me ‘teacher’, I learn from them about the importance of enjoying life, laughing while learning, and not taking yourself too seriously. Once I become a full-fledged teacher, I hope I can pass their wisdom on to others.”

– Renee Kenney, Spokane

Photo by Ryan Kenney

“I love wrestling with the complex issues that face us as a community, particularly getting to connect with and interview others that are driven to support and improve this place we call home. I am constantly aware of what a privilege it is to get to pursue your passion, and for me, that is exploring spaces and stories through filmmaking and photography. Even if someone hasn’t figured out their personal passion yet, I think it all begins with doing – something. Pondering only gets us so far. Engaging online only gets us so far. Doers can influence how a story unfolds, and that opportunity is available to all of us.” -Megan Kennedy, Rogue Heart Media, Spokane