From June 2016

Irina selling cherries

“All this week and all last week we’ve been selling cherries. We plan on selling blueberries and apricots. I pretty much want to make money because I’m broke. I want to be able to go bowling and see movies with my friends.” – Irina, Reardan, Washington

Photo by Marshall McLean

Brian detailing an SUV

“I look at the car before and after, and my eyes light up, and I say, ‘Wow! I did that!’ The ones that I really like doing are the ones that give me the test. Oh, that carpeting, I can get it. And the skills that I learned are helping others, and that’s what I want to do.” – Brian Watson, UGM Motors

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Troy in the book aisle at UGM Thrift Store

“To one day be able to come home and know that I’m paying rent on a house, that’s my big goal in my life. I’ve already succeeded in a lot of my goals…I’ve got my driver’s license. I’m paying on my child support. I’m paying on all the financial obligations I have…So I can look in the mirror and know that that’s Troy and be proud of that.” – Troy, UGM Thrift Store

Photo by Jessica Morgan