From April 2016

Jasmina by a lawn sprinkler

“Oh man, my happiest memory to date is when I went back to Bosnia to surprise my family. My sister and I had gone without telling any of our family we were coming. We have lots of family from both our parents’ side still living over there. My dad’s family celebrates St. Nicholas (Nikola) on December 19th. We thought it would be great if we came on that day to surprise them. We tried so hard not to tell anybody or have them figure it out. That morning we left one town to get to the town where they lived. We got there and climbed up the stairs to where my two aunts, and uncle where preparing food for the celebration. My sister knocked on the door and we barged in and surprised them. Everyone was speechless and couldn’t talk for a few seconds before we started hugging and kissing and one of my aunts kept repeating, ‘Are you guys crazy?? Are you crazy??’ (I caught the whole thing on video too.) It was so exhilarating leading up to the surprise and then the moment it happened my heart was pounding so much and my happiness was over the roof. Living far away from them has made me appreciate their role in my life and the little moments we spent together were so much more precious. It also makes me appreciate the sacrifice my parents made by moving to America with their family to give them a better life and more opportunity.” – Jasmina, Spokane

Photo by Clare Pursch

Jan with a car full of food donations

“My passion for this ministry is never changing.  It is to follow the will of God and to ignite the fire of His love to all people!  To feed their mind, body and, souls.  To heal their brokenness with compassion, and understanding.  My friend Linda Ontiveros who loved the Lord, but lost her battle said,  ‘The reason we are so methed up is because we are so messed up with no hope!.’  She wanted The Roadside Chapel to be a reality to get kids off the streets!

We were just honored with the Keller Williams Red Day Award and they are going to make Linda’s vision a reality for Off Broadway Family Outreach, and all who want join us in using the building for His Glory!” – Jan of Off Broadway Family Outreach

Oliver in a tree“You learn something new every day. Sometimes you see something new, sometimes you hear something, sometimes you feel something or smell.  Things are always moving and different. Do you get it?” – Oliver, Spokane

Kimberly at the UGM Career Fair

“I love to bake, and I love coffee, so I’ve always thought opening a coffee shop would be really cool. A coffee shop with a bakery. My daughter has celiac, and I do know in Coeur d’Alene there aren’t a lot of gluten free bakery choices.” – Kimberly, at the UGM College and Career Conference

Topher sitting up against a wall

“I felt a rush of energy go through me, almost as if time was standing still and it was just us two on the planet. Looking into the woman’s eyes of whom I grew to love so much, meeting her as an adolescent boy to being a young man and understanding how far we have come as well as changed. It’s crazy, a paragraph I couldn’t put into words… Her soul is beautiful and it’s contagious. Just being able to look at her, hold her hands and tell her how much I love her,and how we most definitely will grow old together was a rare, special moment. Society is different nowadays but her and I will stay true to the origins of marriage because we won’t conform to what the statistics say about marriage. I understood that as I asked her to marry me.” – Topher, Spokane
Photo by Clare Pursch

Ephraim outside Men's Shelter

“God rescued me from the pit of hell and he formed himself into a human person and he died for me. If I could return the favor, I would. So now, I sacrifice all of myself for Him.” – Ephraim, UGM Men’s Shelter

Photo by Jessica Morgan

Zachary outside YFC Hillyard

“I’m always a depressed guy. But, I don’t know, when I help people it affects me a lot because I don’t want to be the bad guy, I want to be, basically, the hero and to help people…I read too many comic books and stuff like that but, it made me feel like the hero just helping people out, and it affected me a lot. It made me not be depressed.” – Zachary Light on serving at UGM Camp