From February 2016

Larry standing by his truck

“Two years of being here, I got God back in my life and just slowly got my confidence back and my self-esteem back, and now I’m back on track…

“I think I have one of the best jobs in the Mission because I get to meet, every day, the people who help fund this. And I really enjoy that. When I took this job, I looked at it as a stepping stone to get to my career. But I have fallen in love so much with the people I work with that I just can’t imagine going anywhere else. I work with a bunch of really nice people.”

Anna working in the back of the Thrift Store

“I am thankful for our donors who have blessed us with an abundance of donations and to our customers who shop here. Before we even know what our needs are, God has already sent generous donors and customers to bless us. Because of them, we are able to bless others.” – Anna Havercroft, UGM Thrift Store production manager, Spokane

Brent at restaurant with mentor

“I was not in a healthy enough place – particularly emotionally – to even know what I was feeling, much less share that. I was damaged in a way that I would not admit, and I did not have any skill or experience in even knowing what it was like to be angry, knowing what it was like to be fearful…I could do all these wonderful things with computers, but that particular skill of identifying how I felt and letting it go is something I had never done in my life.

“It is a need that I believe God built into us. We are made to connect with Him and with others. I cannot be a healthy person. I cannot follow what God wants me to do, how he made me, without those relationships.”  – Brent, UGM Men’s Recovery participant (pictured on the right with his mentor, Shane, on left)

Sonja standing in UGM Motors car lot

“When people come in and bring a car for donation, I didn’t realize when I was over at Anna Ogden Hall just what that donation really means. When I was going through recovery, I had no idea who was paying my way…so I’m able to show them gratitude and just what their donation means by sharing a little bit of my story.

“…I know that I’m capable of a lot of things now, and I am built up here. I’m told what a good job I’m doing…it’s really uplifting. I have more confidence. I’m really being invested in and that makes me feel worth something.” – Sonja, UGM Motors employee and Women’s Recovery graduate

Marie holding newspaper clipping

“My oldest daughter passed away. February 14th this year it will be 12 years ago. And after she passed away, many women came to my husband and me in person or over the phone or by letter telling us how much she had helped them when they needed some sort of help. And so, we wanted to do something in her honor.” – Marie Lacroix, Blondies Salon owner and UGM supporter