From December 2015


“Oh my gosh, I called every family member I knew, because change for an addict is scary. I would walk to the fence and call my papa who raised me, and I told him, ‘What should I do?’ He said, just take that step, and I took that step and here I am.” -Debbie, Crisis Shelter resident


“They said, ‘We love you. We can’t see you keep doing this. You know, you’re going to end up in the grave.’ And my wife…we’ve been married 25 years, she kept hanging on, hoping for the man she married to come back.” – Steve, Men’s Recovery


“I found a basketball under the bed. I like basketball most. My favorite thing at the Crisis Shelter is basketball.” -Hunter, Crisis Shelter resident

“I’m most thankful that I serve an awesome God who’s a wild man. Who gave us undeserved love, grace, mercy. But most importantly, He gave us His son without whom we would have no salvation.” – John, UGM Men’s Shelter