From October 2015


“I’d be a starving musician, but I still like to play, regardless. I’ve been playing drums since I was about six. I would take my fork and spoon at the table, and Mama would always take one of them away, cause I’d play them on the table.” -Kim, Men’s Shelter


“You meet people who just change their lives. They come in, and they’ve had such trauma in their lives, and to see them grow and expand—wow, it’s amazing.” –Lorna, Volunteer Nurse Practitioner at the Center


“This opportunity to connect with people in need and share Christ’s love has been a huge encouragement. It’s important to me to live out my Christian life daily. Because of the UGM Student Impact Team, I found a great way to do that.” -Abel, Student Impact Team Volunteer


“I lost both my parents by the time I was 11, and I went through a lot of abuse in the home that I was placed in after. So then, I just quit going home and I turned to drugs. And I thought that I had found freedom in that. Eventually, I found that the more I used, the more problems it created and the more it seemed to completely kill my soul. I didn’t know freedom until I really got to know God.”-Larisa, Women’s Recovery at the Center


“I didn’t ever focus on being emotionally free which I think is what I am becoming now – able to walk through my emotions and process them. I feel that that’s real freedom and it’s good to feel that way.” –Rachel, Women’s Recovery at Anna Ogden Hall